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Java Applications

More than 10 years of experience in Java development is one of the recognized strengths of RTS-Soft team. Java technologies itself creates a lot of values for end users. It is one of the most pervasive technologies on the planet. Java software powers onboard computers in toys, cars, planes, rockets and even NASA Mars Rover. RTS-Soft especially strong in Java development for Linux and QNX, using NetBeans and IDEA IDEs, SWING and SWT GUI toolkits, Ant build tool and JUnit testing framework. Moreover we develop own Java based IDEs, editors, GUI builders and even JVM! read more Е

Embedded Systems

RTS-Soft provides services covering the entire spectrum of the embedded software domain. We have an expertise in system software development, including board support packages (BSP),memory and communication device drivers, initial programm loaders (IPL) as well as in embedded database and embedded Java applications for different hardware platforms read more Е

QNX and Realtime

QNX is our favorite platform for realtime and mission-critical projects. It builds exceptional reliability and scalability into your embedded device. A true microkernel operating system, the QNXЃ NeutrinoЃ RTOS offers advanced memory protection, distributed processing, symmetric multiprocessing, POSIX APIs, a dynamically upgradable architecture, and industry-leading realtime performance. RTS-Soft's numerous QNX based projects inherit unique features of this outstanding OS.
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OPC technologies

RTS-Soft is developing solutions to provide OPC connectivity with non-Windows world, including own OPC server , bridges and/or clients for QNX and Linux applicaions.OPC (OLE for Process Control) consists of a set of standards that define interoperability among different automation and control applications, field systems and devices, and business and office applications. Nearly all of the world's major providers of control systems currently support OPC. read more Е

PLC & Soft PLC

RTS-Soft widely apply ordinary PLCs from Siemens, GE Fanuc, Rockwell and other world's vendors. It is no wonder because the parent company RTS-Ukraine is an official solution partner of Siemens. Besides RTS-Soft handles another concealed and effective weapon -Soft PLC on highly-reliable hardware under highly-reliable QNX RTOS. We use IEC-61131 Soft PLCs from ICS Triplex as well as own IEC-61131 compilers.read more Е

Low Level Programming

High quality embedded software development is almost impossible without experience in low level programming. Frequently, the small portion of code written on native assembler could increase the whole system throughput in times by using all features and benefits of particular hardware platform. Low level programming is a special skill which is not acquired in one day. RTS-Soft is proud of its highly experienced low level programmers who are proving their professionalism in the numerous products and projects read more Е

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Embedded Systems
Low level programing
Java development
QNX & Realtime
OPC technologies