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s3.com.ua has been launched
21.06.2008[print version]

New S3 dedicated site was launched.

S3 is high performance, easy, reliable, convenient and not expensive SCADA/SoftLogic, which works under Windows, Linux, Solaris.
S3 includes embedded IEC-61131 engine, Web HMI, OPC server and Database connectivity tools.
S3 is easily integrable with third-part SCADAs as well as with MES/ERP level of Digital Enterprise.
S3 can control claster of QNX based PLCs and can generate code for it
S3 supports field of self-replicable tags or variables, distributed over network.
S3 has fully integrated IDE which supports multivariable operations and autoconfiguring to avoid routine.
S3 has unlimited license model which depends neither on I/O number no tags number.
S3 runtime includes numerous drivers for various hardware as well as DDK.
S3 is the product of RTS-Soft.

Please visit s3.com.ua for more